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Bringing music to your doorstep, one virtual lesson at a time.

About Blossom Piano Studio

A Unique Teaching Approach For Online Piano Lessons

Are you interested in virtual piano lessons? Check out this quick video clip to learn more about our educational philosophy and lesson environment.

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About Me

At the age of eight, a six-year-old playmate gave me my first piano lesson. While our families were visiting, she sat at the piano and played a song. Lacking belief in myself, I told her, "I could never do that." She invited me to sit with her at the piano and then began to teach me the song she had been playing, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."


A week later, her mother gave me my first official piano lesson. I quickly excelled as a musician finding joy, confidence, and a way to express myself in music. By high school, I knew I wanted a career as a piano teacher and began teaching piano to children from my local church.


In 2002, I received a Bachelor of Music from James Madison University, where a Piano Pedagogy class solidified my desire to teach private piano lessons.  


After graduating from college, I began an in-home piano studio. Early on, I discovered my greatest joy as a piano teacher is supporting my students' inner growth. Through piano lessons, they gain skills and confidence extending beyond the art of playing the piano.


After a time raising and homeschooling my six children, in April 2020, I returned to teaching full-time. The pandemic forced me to rethink, reimagine, and bring creativity to my teaching methods as I began offering piano lessons over Zoom.


With some experimentation, I've discovered ways to tweak my teaching methods to bring high-quality piano lessons to the virtual platform.


When not teaching, I enjoy spending time in nature, writing, practicing yoga, and enjoying time with my six children.

FAQ's Anchor

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our lessons and policies.

If you don't see the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do virtual piano lessons work? 

Over the Zoom platform, the teacher and student join a meeting room with two cameras each, one directed towards their hands and the other on their faces.  In this way, the teacher and student build a personal rapport and can see each other play the piano.  

Are they as effective as in-person lessons?

Yes!  The lesson structure remains the same as traditional lessons. The teacher uses the same tools and techniques (and more) to convey musical concepts in an interactive fashion.  

What equipment do I need for virtual piano lessons?

Two devices with access to a stable internet service (Can be a phone, tablet,or laptop).  A piano or digital piano, a stool (or chair), a tripod (or another way to mount your devices, access to a metronome (or metronome app), access to the app Practice Space app, teacher-suggested music books, and a pencil.

How tech-savvy do I need to be?

Not very!  I provide the student with instructions on best practices for setting up two devices over Zoom as well as audio hacks to improve the experience.  

What kind of music do we play?

I teach piano through a well-rounded classical pedagogical approach.   I include technique, music theory, ear training, and repertoire in all lessons.  My students are playing everything from Bach to Chopin, and Lady Gaga to jazz lead sheets. If you have specific musical requests, just ask!  

What type of instrument do you recommend?

Students can succeed with piano lessons with a consistently tuned and well-working acoustic piano or an 88-weighted key digital piano.

Is there a time commitment between lessons?

Yes. Consistent practice is crucial to the development of piano skills. The amount of time devoted to practicing each day will vary depending on the student’s level.  A youth beginner can expect to spend 10-15 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week practicing.  A youth advanced student can expect to practice between 45 min and 60 min, 5-6 days a week. Adult students typically practice between 15-30 minutes 3-4 days a week.  

Are there performance opportunities?

Since my students are located all over the country, I do not offer in-person recital opportunities. 

As an alternative, I share recordings of student performances (with permission) in monthly studio newsletters, optional preparations for Royal Conservatory Exams (or other judged events), and coaching for student-led performance community performances (talent shows, nursing homes, open-mic nights, etc.) 

“Catherine is dedicated and an encouraging teacher. My daughter is an older beginning and struggles with anxiety but Blossom Piano Studio has helped her make a rapid progress in a nurturing way. We are studying over Zoom which I wasn’t sure would work but it has been really wonderful during a season when we were in need of enrichment. Highly recommend Catherine!"

- Susan J

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