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A mindful and celebratory approach to musical practice sessions

Notes to Self:
A Guided Mindful Practice Journal

Why Use A Practice Journal?

Maximize Your Practice Sessions

As adults, we study music because it calls to us and speaks to our souls. Yet, there is no way around it; studying an instrument requires time, dedication, and patience. In the pursuit of excellence and expression in our playing, frustration can easily set in when we feel we aren’t reaching our goals. We want to feel accomplished, supported, and confident in our musical journey. 

As a  remote piano teacher, I recognized a common theme of discouragement around practicing habits among many of my adult students, inspiring the creation of a solution for all musicians.

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Who is This Journal For?

A Practice Journal for All Adult Musicians

Designed for adult musicians of any age, level, instrument, or style, the Notes to Self: A Guided Mindful Practice Journal provides the tools for developing strong, supportive home practice habits and rituals, ensuring you feel accomplished, proud, and motivated to continue pursuing your musical dreams. 

If you are a musician eager to fine tune your home practice and celebrate your musical development, this journal is designed for you.

A Guided Experience

Mindful Prompts and Ample Space to Reflect

The Notes to Self: A Guided Mindful Practice Journal provides prompts to bring focus to any practice session (even the shortest one) and invites you to reflect positively on your time with your instrument and find joy in the process.


Here's what to expect from this 96-page paperback journal:

  • Guided prompts to mindfully plan out your practice session

  • Cues to create a habit of celebration within your practice session

  • Encouragement to plan out your next practice session

  • Space for additional note-taking

  • A clean and simple layout

  • Flexibility to grow musically at your pace with your goals in mind

  • Staff paper and blank pages to foster your creativity

​Looking for more information? Check out our FAQs.

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“The Notes To Self Journal helped me keep focused, and the positive reinforcement it has me give to myself has made me walk away from my practice sessions feeling more fulfilled and accomplished."

Josh H. 

Practice Sessions 

with a Punch

A Practice Resource Companion

Notes to Self: A Guided Mindful Practice Journal comes with access to the eBook Practice Sessions with a Punch: Thirteen Proven Techniques to Maximize Your Practice Time, Improve Your Playing, and Reach Your Musical Goals*.  


These simple-to-learn yet highly effective
techniques that have been proven by
hundreds of students to maximize
your time, improve your playing, and
reach your musical goals.

* Also available for purchase separately.

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FAQ's Anchor

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Notes to Self Practice Journal unique?

The journal is designed with a mindful approach, offering intentional prompts that go beyond traditional practice methods. It includes sections for setting emotional, intellectual, and physical intentions, celebrating victories, and fostering a positive mindset in your musical journey.

How can the journal enhance my practice sessions?

The journal provides a structured framework for your practice, encouraging thoughtful reflection on your goals, emotional connection to the music, and celebration of achievements. It transforms practice into a mindful and joyful experience, leading to improved focus and progress.

Can I use the journal for any musical instrument?

Yes, the journal is instrument-agnostic. It is designed to benefit musicians across different instruments. Whether you play the piano, guitar, violin, or any other instrument, the mindful and celebratory approach of the journal is universally applicable.

Is this journal suitable for all levels of musicians?

Absolutely! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the journal is adaptable to various skill levels. Its flexible design allows you to tailor the prompts to your specific needs, making it a valuable tool for anyone on their musical journey.

Do I need to have a music teacher to benefit from the Notes to Self Practice Journal?

While having a music teacher can provide valuable guidance, the Notes to Self Practice Journal is designed to be a versatile tool suitable for musicians at any stage, with or without a teacher. The journal's mindful prompts and celebratory approach empower you to structure your practice independently. It can enhance your musical journey whether you're learning on your own, taking lessons, or supplementing your current musical education.

Catherine Sipher

Piano Teacher/Author

Amidst the challenges of motherhood and life's demands, I almost abandoned my musical passion and pursuits.  I even labeled myself as a "former musician." Thankfully, the piano, once abandoned, became a lifeline during difficult times, providing me with solace and purpose.


​My musical journey began at eight when a playmate gave me my first piano lesson. Excelling through high school and earning a Bachelor of Music from James Madison University, I discovered my calling as a piano teacher, focusing on instilling confidence and inner growth in my students.  


After dedicating time to raising and homeschooling my six children and setting aside my music career, I returned to teaching full-time, adapting my methods to virtual platforms during the pandemic in April 2020.  


My personal journey led me to recommit myself to daily music practice, with the invaluable lessons of intentional practice and self-celebration becoming guiding principles in my musical pursuits.  


Recognizing the universal need for mindful practicing in my adult piano students, I crafted the "Notes to Self: A Guided Mindful Practice Journal" designed to enrich musicians' journeys  with intention and celebration.

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Looking for Musical Community?

Join the Notes to Self Musical Community group on Facebook, a group for adult musicians to share experiences and receive the support of fellow adult musicians creating mindful habits and celebratory rituals around their music practice.  Whether you're mastering a new instrument or refining your skills, this is a safe space to discuss music, share your practice sessions, ask questions, and find inspiration.

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