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March Youth Group Piano Performance Class: A Recap and Celebration!

Music students thrive and are inspired when in community.

This month's Youth Group Piano Performance Class was a fantastic display of talent and camaraderie! Four amazing students, ages 8, 9, 10, and 12, participated, each performing a piece of music they'd been working on.

The atmosphere was warm and supportive, with each student receiving encouraging compliments and thoughtful discussion about their music selection. We also had a great conversation about overcoming performance jitters – something that even professional musicians experience!

At the end of the class, all the students even requested a performance from me, their teacher! So, I had the chance to practice my performance skills as well! As the students will tell you, I experience performance nerves as well! It was truly heartwarming to see their enthusiasm for music, performance, and community. They also unanimously requested we hold another class soon. (So, be on the lookout for additional classes on our studio schedule!)

Zoom Group Piano Performance Class

Student Voices: Thoughts on Piano Playing 

During the class, we also had a chance to chat about what each of the students loves about playing piano, what they find challenging, and the practice tips they would share with other piano students. I think you will enjoy their insights!

Here’s what they shared: 

What is your favorite thing about studying the piano? 

  • “Learning to read music.”

  • “Discovering how the piano works and creates sound.”

  • “Learning new songs.”

  • “Being able to play an instrument that helps with singing and learning other instruments.”

What is the most challenging thing about playing the piano? 

  • “Learning long songs.”

  • “Knowing where the notes are on the paper and which ones they are on the piano.”

  • “Learning new pieces and playing in front of others.”

Practice Tips from Young Musicians

I also asked the students what practice tips or advice they would give to other student musicians. There is gold in these little nuggets of wisdom!

  • “Try hard – don’t do it lazily.”

  • “Try not to break the bench when you sit.”

  • “Practice as soon as you get up in the morning. Fit it early in the day.”

  • Use a practice calendar as a visual reminder to practice.

The Power of Group Piano Performance Classes

Our March Group Piano Performance class truly highlighted all the benefits Group Piano Classes. Together, these students are: 

  • Building a supportive community of young musicians.

  • Gaining valuable exposure to the performances of others.

  • Discovering new music and broadening musical horizons.

  • Finding inspiration from fellow pianists and their playing styles.

  • Gaining experience performing for an audience.

  • Understanding they aren’t alone in their piano journeys.

  • Evaluating their own playing through different eyes. 

Group Piano Classes are quickly becoming one of the highlights of my musical month with both youth and adult classes thriving, making connections, and having meaningful conversations. Group Piano Classes truly offer a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond individual instruction by leaning into learning experiences that can only be found in community. 


I am always looking for new and unique ways to support my students, no matter their age or ability.  If learning the piano is on your list (or the list of someone you know), I would be honored to help in the journey.

It is my true honor to bring the joy of music into hearts and homes through personalized remote piano lessons that will leave you feeling inspired and accomplished. 

The process is simple:

1. Schedule a call to talk about your goals.

2. Select a lesson time.

3. Take your first lesson! 


If you are looking for additional support and encouragement in your musical journey, check out Notes to Self: A Guided Mindful Practice Journal designed to bring mindfulness and celebration to your practice sessions. 

Are you an adult musician looking for community with other adults actively pursuing the skill of mastering an instrument?  If so, you are invited to join my Facebook Group, Notes to Self Musical Community: A Supportive Group for Adults. I hope to see you there!


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