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Discover the joy of piano playing right in the comfort of your own home!

Top-Notch Live Piano Lessons Over Zoom

Blossom Piano Studio provides goal-oriented students of all ages and abilities a clear path to bringing the lifelong joy of music into their hearts and homes through personalized high-quality remote piano instruction.

Why Remote Piano Lessons?

Effective Piano Lessons From Home

I get it!  Life is busy. Geographic and scheduling limitations make it difficult to access high-quality piano instruction worthy of your time and money. You want a clear guided path curated for you with equal parts encouragement and accountability to help you reach your musical goals.  

With remote piano lessons at Blossom Piano Studio, you can receive top-notch piano lessons on your schedule from the comfort of your home, saving you time and giving you access to personalized musical instruction!  


Catherine Sipher

Your Virtual Piano Instructor

As a busy businesswoman and mother of six, I understand your time restraints. I believe everyone should be able to benefit from studying music. This is why I’ve brought my over 20 years of expertise and teaching experience to the online platform. Through my creative, effective, and individualized approach to piano instruction, students of all ages consistently reach their musical goals and beyond.

An Engaging Experience

Individualized, Personal Instruction

With an instrument, the internet, customized instruction, a guided at-home practice routine, and an open mind you can reach your musical goals!


Here's what to expect from Blossom Piano Studio lessons:

  • Tailored for Your Goals

  • Engaging and Immersive

  • Casual and Productive

  • Supportive and Encouraging

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

​Looking for more information? Check out our FAQs.

“ Catherine is so kind and patient as a teacher. Her encouragement, love of music and positive attitude during the lessons have really motivated my children! ”

- Amy L

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