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The Benefits of Summer Piano Lessons

Almost everyone looks forward to the joys of Summer. The weather is warmer. Vacationing is in season. School is out for the Summer and there is a sense of life and adventure at every corner. The Summer sounds like a great season to take some time off, rest, refresh and drop all activities, right? I say “No!”

As a piano teacher, I see tremendous benefits in students continuing piano lessons over the Summer months, if even only sporadically.  Here’s why:

student at the piano,

1. Maintain Skills

Summer piano lessons are an excellent way to maintain all the hard-earned skills the student gained over the course of the school year. From working on proper hand position to learning the names of the notes, continuing piano lessons over the Summer months enables the student to consistently practice their skills and stay on top of their abilities.  A gap in lessons can mean a loss of skills that would have to be regained. 

2. Study Music Theory

Use Summer piano lessons as an opportunity to focus on developing a deeper grasp of music theory fundamentals. Music theory drives the understanding of how and why music does what it does.  Often music theory is one aspect of the musical education that sometimes doesn’t receive as much attention as it deserves. Taking some time in the Summer months to grasp fundamentals like intervals, scale building, and chord recognition can serve the student in the long run during the months even when they might not have consistent lessons or practice sessions.

handwritten sheet music, Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

3. Build Stronger Technique 

At Blossom Piano Studio, lessons are always a mixture of technique and repertoire. However, Summer lessons can be a great time to focus on learning new technical skills without feeling rushed through that part of the lesson. Without the feeling of needing to learn repertoire over the Summer, this time is ripe for building in fundamental skills like mastering the scale thumb tuck or tackling arpeggios for the first time.

4. Learn New Musical Styles

Summer lessons also provide the opportunity to explore different musical genres, like jazz, hymns, or popular movie music. Altering the routine keeps a freshness to piano lessons and reinvigorates the soul, just like the Summer months themselves.  

Jazz sheet music, Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexel

5. Reestablish Practice Habits

Build in the consistency of practicing piano over the Summer before adding back in school and additional extra-curricular activities, ensuring musical education remains a priority.  With lessons on the schedule during a lighter schedule, the brain is more relaxed and receptive to new teaching and ideas. Make piano practice a keystone activity in your life over the Summer and build the rest of your daily life around this consistent practice when the Fall activities resume.

6. Great Beginnings

If you are just starting out with piano lessons, the Summer weeks, with less everyday obligations (school and homework), are a way to keep your brain engaged in learning activities and tackle new skills. Consider the Summer months a trial run with a schedule that provides ample practice time to gain new skills and see if piano lessons the right fit for you!

7. Take Piano Lessons on the Go!

The benefit of virtual piano lessons is that if you have an instrument and the internet, you can still have a piano lesson while visiting Grandma’s house (or your grandchild’s home)! 

So, enjoy your Summer AND take your piano lessons with you!

Student in virtual piano lessons; Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Summer Touchpoints

There are many advantages to taking piano lessons over the Summer, even if they are only every other week or even monthly! Those little touchpoints over the Summer will reap huge dividends in the long run.


If learning the piano is on your Summer bucket list (or the list of someone you know), I would be honored to help put a check next to that item!

It is my true joy to bring the joy of music into hearts and home through personalized remote piano lessons that will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired.

The process is simple:

1. Schedule a call to talk about your goals.

2. Select a lesson time.

3. Take your first lesson!


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