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Free Practice Guide:
Questions to Ask While Practicing
for Busy Musicians

Get the most out of every minute you spend practicing 

Stop Feeling Stuck!

Get More Out of Your Music Practice in Less Time with This Free Guide

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions when you practice your instrument?


You put in the time, but you don't feel like you're making the progress you want.


You're not alone!


I'm Catherine, a busy mom of six and a music teacher who understands the challenges of fitting in meaningful practice time.

That's why I created this free practice guide.


This guide is packed with powerful questions that will help you:

  • Think critically and purposefully during your practice session.

  • Stay focused and motivated throughout your practice session.

  • Get the most out of every minute you spend with your instrument.

No more mindlessly going through the motions!


With this guide, you'll learn how to practice smarter, not harder, so you can finally see the results you've been working for.

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About Me

During the challenges of early motherhood and life's demands, I almost abandoned my musical passion and pursuits. I even labeled myself a "former musician." Thankfully, the piano, once abandoned, became a lifeline during difficult times, proving me with solace and purpose.

My musical journey began at eight when a playmate gave me my first piano lesson. Excelling through high school and earning a Bachelor of Music from James Madison University, I discovered my calling as a piano teacher, focusing on instilling confidence and inner growth in my students.


After dedicating time to raising and homeschooling my six children and setting aside my music career, I returned to teaching full-time, adapting my methods to virtual platforms during the pandemic in April 2020.


My personal journey led me to recommit myself to daily music practice, with the invaluable lessons of intentional practice and self-celebration becoming guiding principles in my musical pursuits.


Recognizing the universal need for mindful practicing in my adult piano students, I crafted the "Notes to Self: A Guided Mindful Practice Journal" designed to enrich musicians' journeys  with intention and celebration.

This guide reflects my mission to support adult musicians of all abilities through practice resources, community, and connection. 

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